Screen Enclosure Renovation

Topla’s Renovation includes:
Step 1: Remove existing damaged screens
Step 2: Remove old rusty fasteners
Step 3: Detailed cleaning treatment with only top of line aluminum cleaners
With the purchased of a screen renovation, this detailed cleaning treatment is Free!
Step 4: Install new Pro-Tec, Nylo-Tec Fasteners (10 year warranty)
Step 5: Install new screens on enclosure (choose from a great selection)

This treatment will turn any faded and moldy bronze enclosure back to a nice dark enclosure and any white moldy enclosure into a nice clean screen enclosure.

Now your family and pets can enjoy a clean and mold free enclosure that will also keep them from any health problems.
This process is by far the best to keep your screen enclosure looking like new for years to come.

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Topla Inc. strives for:

INTEGRITY – In our commitment to you.

INNOVATION – In our designs.

EXCELLENCE – Is the end result.

Screen Enclosure Cleaning – Images

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