NYLO-TEC & PRO-TEC Fasteners

Topla Inc. strives for:

INTEGRITY – In our commitment to you.

INNOVATION – In our designs.

EXCELLENCE – Is the end result.


NYLO-TEC & PRO-TEC Fasteners:

  • NYLO–TEC – The Nylon Reinforced Bi-Hexagonal head NEVER rusts – Does not chip – Does not require touch-ups – Its UV stabilized color resists fading – Exceptional quality provides long term strength and durability (10 year warranty)
  • PRO-TEC – Stronger than stainless steel fasteners – Pro-tec works together with Blue-Tap a plastic sleeve/washer/and cap to prevent water and its corrosive minerals from entering the fastener, which can destroy the integrity of the structure (10 year warranty)

Enjoy your screen enclosure like never before! With the purchase of any Nylo-Tec,Blue-Tap screw replacement, we’ll include our “Screen Enclosure Detailed Cleaning” for FREE!

Rust-Free Nylo-Tec Screws – Project Progress Images

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