Patio Covers & Carports

Ready to enjoy more of your outdoors? Imagined entertaining friends and family outdoors or just relaxing without having to worry about the sun or the rain.
Topla offers Elite roofs and Pan roofs creating custom patio rooms and carports that will enhance the look and value of your home.

Elite Insulated Roof System – designed for superior strenght and exceptional thermal insulation. Engineered to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Avaliable in white, almond, ivory, and bronze colors. Includes guttters and downspouts with the option of a Skylight and/or ceiling fan. Is structurally designed to allow the installation of shingles, tile or metal roof for a better finish. (full 10 year warranty)

Roll Formed Aluminum Structural Pan Roof System – Starts by providing exeptional strength and appearance. Includes gutters and downspouts, available in white and bronze colors. You can also add a translucent white skylight to this roof system for better custom look, that will allow you to get as much light as you need to create your outdoor space.

Any of our two aluminum roof systems will complement your property’s structure and roof design. Not only do they provide shade, but our systems are easily adaptable to new or existing structures. Giving you and your family the perfect patio room or carport.

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Topla Inc. strives for:

INTEGRITY – In our commitment to you.

INNOVATION – In our designs.

EXCELLENCE – Is the end result.

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