Enhance the look of your home with our gorgeous awnings desings and custom fabric colors.
When adding awnings to your house it doesn’t just help cut down on your electric bill,
but also blocks sun’s harmful UV rays.

Old awnings can also be restored to its factory new look. After years of beign exposed to florida’s weather
the paint on metal structure starts chipping off and fabric doesn’t look as appealing anymore.
With our restoration process you will not have to replace them for new ones!

Our process consist of:
1. Take awning back to shop for restoration
2. Sandblasting metal structure
3. Powdercoating & curing
4. New fabric installalation
5. Reinstallation of awning

Topla Inc. strives for:

INTEGRITY – In our commitment to you.

INNOVATION – In our designs.

EXCELLENCE – Is the end result.

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